January 15, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Blogging, Culture, Guide, Nature, Photo, Photography, Photos, Pictures, Slovenia, Travel, Trip, Vacation)

Prekmurje (also Prekomurje, węg. Muravidék, German Murland) – a small region in today’s historic Slovenia. Prekmurje has an area of 1,093 km2. He extreme north-eastern corner of Slovenia, pressed between the borders with Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia separated from the rest of them river Mura. In the southern borders of the Croatian region Medimurje with a similar history. North Prekmurje occupies hilly tectonic foreland Alps Goričko (Dreiländereck highest peak on the border with Hungary and Austria – 387 m above sea level), the southern part Ledavy river valleys and walls.


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